Rolling renewals


All members paying via credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), or by a Visa or MasterCard debit card, agree to Rolling Renewal, regardless of package type or payment method (upfront or instalments).

A Rolling Renewal is an automatic renewal (and payment) of your membership from year to year on these terms and conditions, unless varied.

That means that your membership will be automatically paid for and renewed into the same package(s) and seat(s) for subsequent seasons (at the updated price for each new season) using the same payment method provided for the previous season’s membership.

Automatic payments under a Rolling Renewal will occur approximately on the 15th of October each year.

On approximately the 30th of August each year, members will receive written notice by email or letter to the member’s address supplied in their membership application.

The notice will provide: (i) the price for the following season’s membership that will be automatically charged to the member’s card; and (ii) a 14 day opt-out period (opt-out period).

During the opt-out period, members must notify the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys if they do not wish for a Rolling Renewal to occur (strict deadlines apply).

During the opt-out period, opt-out notifications by a member must be made using the method specified in the email/letter (which may change from season to season).

Notifications to opt-out will not be accepted over the phone.

Members can also opt-out at any time prior to the start of the opt-out period by emailing the membership team at and confirming that they wish to opt-out of Rolling Renewal.

Rolling Renewal is a convenient way for members to maintain their membership commitment and preferred seating from year to year.

If a member opts-out of Rolling Renewal, that member will need to re-apply for membership for any subsequent seasons and that member will not retain their preferred seating.

All members must keep their contact details up-to-date so that North Queensland Toyota Cowboys can communicate effectively with members about Rolling Renewal and other matters.

You can update your contact details by logging into the membership portal and updating your details or you can email the membership team at with your new details and we can update your details on your behalf.

For enquiries on Rolling Renewals, please contact the Cowboys membership team.